FPV-Шлем VR009 5.8G


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Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: VR009 5.8G Goggles
Screen: 5 Inch
Resolution: TFT 800×480
Ratio: 16:9
Audio Output: 3.5 3 Class stereo
Audio Output: 3.5 4 Class Standard Output Port
Adjustment: Maual Search/AUTO Search/Lighting/Contrast/Chroma
Video Format: NTSC/PAL Auto
Receiver: Build in 40CH High Sensitive Receiver Module
Connector:  Earphone Jack: 3.5mm,3 class
                      ANIN Connector: 3.5mm 4 Class
                      AVOUT Connector: 3.5mm 4 Class
                      DCIN:  Standard T plug, with extend cable
Weight: 258g
Working Temp.: -20℃-80℃
Size: 168x158x105mm
Power: 7-17V(2S-4S)
Current: 300mAh
CH1   5.645G CH2   5.658G CH3   5.665G  CH4   5.685G  CH5   5.695G
CH6   5.705G CH7   5.725G CH8   5.732G  CH9   5.733G  CH10 5.740G
CH11 5.745G CH12 5.752G CH13 5.765G CH14 5.769G CH15 5.771G
CH16 5.780G CH17 5.785G CH18 5.790G CH19 5.800G CH20 5.805G
CH21 5.806G CH22 5.809G CH23 5.820G CH24 5.825G CH26 5.828G
CH27 5.840G CH28 5.843G CH29 5.845G CH30 5.847G CH31 5.860G
CH32 5.865G CH33 5.866G CH34 5.880G CH35 5.880G CH36 5.885G
CH37 5.905G CH38 5.917G CH39 5.925G CH40 5.945G
With AVIN AVOUT and Earphone.
NTSC/PAL auto switch
Build in high sensitivity 40CH 5.8G receiver
Build in high-powered optics, make clearer image and wider field angle

One Key AUTO Search

Shortcut Menu:
1: Button + and — adjusting Brightness directly (each press is 10% change)
2: Long press Menu button start to automatic search channel
3: Power display or current channel display: Single press arbitrarily button can showing current voltage
and channel.
1: Manual search, between 5.645~5.945( total 40 channels), press button+ or – to choose. Long press +
or – for fast change.
2: Automatic search, very high speed to match the strongest 5.8G channel.
3:  Brightness, press button+ or – to increase or reduce the brightness. Long press + or – for fast change.
4: Contrast, press button+ or – to increase or reduce. Long press + or – for fast change.
5: Color saturability, press button+ or – to increase or reduce. Long press + or – for fast change.
Jacks Function: 
1: External video input(4 pins), System will automatic get the input signal and exchange the working
2: Video output(4 pins). Share the most primitive and authentic senses experience.
3: Audio output. (3 pins)
Package Included:
1 x Goggles
1 x Headbands
2 x Eye Patch Spongia
1 x Power Extend Cable
1 x Antenna
1 x Earphone Extend Cable


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