Камера + передатчик + запись видео AKK EIO DVR 25mw 5.8G


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Теперь запись видео возможна на борту микро дрона!

Просто вставьте Mirco SD card 10 class (до 32гб) и нажмите кнопку записи.

Specification and Parameters:
Output power: 25mW
Input power: 3.2–5.5V
Current consumption: 640mA-330mA(25mW)
Camera resolution: 600TVL
Video system: NTSC
Field of view: 120° FOV
Sensor: 1/4″ Color CMOS
Video Format: AVI
Recording Resolution: VGA @ 30fps
Micro TF Card: Max 32GB
Operating Temp: -10 ~ 60 degrees C
Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels,
with Raceband: 5325-5945 MHZ
Size: 22*20mm(L*W)
Weight: 5.8g

Recording Function:
Install TF card first, max 32GB TF card supported.
Press button 1 start recording, R3 will keep flashing
while recording.
Press button 1 again to pause recording, recorded videos
will be saved to TF card automatically and R3 will stop flashing.


1. Each recorded video will be within 10 minutes. After that, a new round of recording will be started automatically.

2. Please wiring the Video in to the Video out if you don’t use the OSD feature




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